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All About Benji: Benji is a male Border Collie of 2.5yrs.


Benji comes from a strong working bloodline, and so will need a new home ideally with Collie experience but certainly one that can provide him with the exercise and stimulation required for the breed.

Benji is a loving, relaxed dog at home, he is very affectionate with the people he loves, and likes nothing more than to be cuddled up in bed on a rainy day with toys and chews!  Benji's favourite things to do are to go on long walks, including mountains, forests, beaches and most importantly, he loves a dip in the sea/ lake to cool off whenever the opportunity arises!


True to the collie breed, Benji, loves balls and would play all day long if he had the opportunity. Benji loves training activities and likes to please!  Benji has completed his Kennel club puppy citizen award, and his Novice trick dog award. Benji knows commands such as sit, wait, paw, lie down, fetch and come. Benji also enjoyed taking part in sheep herding classes as a puppy. 


Benji travels well, is excited to be in a car.


Benji will not tolerate children at all, he lunges and attempts to bite and so he is looking for a child free home.

Benji will also lunge towards bikes and is sometimes reactive with other dogs (This is 50/50- some dogs he loves to play and engage with and must be assessed on a case by case basis!). Benji tends to deal better with small female dogs, and is not keen on large male dogs. These reactions have previously been managed by walking Benji in low stimulus environments avoiding triggers, and if these cannot be avoided, Benji has been muzzled to ensure the safety of those around him. Benji loves being off lead to play ball and has good recall, but this must be done in safe, rural environments.


Benji becomes very protective over those that he chooses to love- and sometimes this reactivity is Benji trying to protect those around him, especially when he is on lead.


Aside from the reactiveness, he can be left for reasonable amounts of time in the house alone and never chews.

Benji is in the LLEWELYN, Penmaenmawr area.

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