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All About Blaze: Blaze is a male Shih Tzu cross of 19months.


Blaze joined us as an urgent welfare case and in a very poor condition; skin and bones but, in no time at all, he is feeling better about life and what it has to offer beyond a cage.


Blaze, despite his awful past, is a lovely boy with a sweet personality and obedient.


Little Blaze is a real joy to have around, he has a wonderful, kind nature, that is always willing to please.


Blaze will never fail to make you smile as, when he looks at you, which he does all the time, due to his overshot lower jaw, he looks like he is smiling at you.


As mentioned, Blaze is very obedient, and learning on a daily basis, he does not pull on the lead and gets on well with other dogs.


There are only positive words to say about this lovely boy, who just wants to be loved, and involved in a  family environment, he is a real people boy.


Blaze is about the size of a small Cockapoo, with a Shih tzu type head, he was very, very thin, but is gaining weight and, amazingly, has no food aggression.

Blaze is in the MONTGOMERY, Wales area.

Ad updated: 14.11.21.

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