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All About Buddy: Buddy is a male Cross breed, originally from Romania of 9/10 months.

Buddy has been with us for a number of weeks now and is doing very well with his training, which of course will need to be continued with but, as he is just a puppy, he also needs the time and space to enjoy himself.  

Buddy is a real sweetheart and a bundle of willing energy!! Buddy is very affectionate and desperate to be loved.  Buddy's behaviour is true to being a young adolescent and would welcome education and time spent teaching him.


Buddy is good but rough with other dogs so needs to learn his social skills and doggy etiquette.

Buddy has a lovely temperament and would  be a wonderful friend and companion and ideal for someone looking to bring on and teach a young dog: a genuine and lovely boy

Buddy is in the MONTGOMERY, Wales area.

Ad updated: 03.09.21

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