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All About Chester: Chester  is a male French bulldog cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 2.5yrs.


Chester is both people and dog reactive but this has been worked on by his current family to where this is now at a manageable point.  Chester needs to be introduced to people slowly and his socialisation has been worked on and if he is introduced to other dogs gradually he loves them and he now has many doggy friends as a result, and has now lived with a Yorkshire terrier for over a year. 

Chester has had extensive obedience training and can walk to a heel, recall off lead, offer commands from a distance including: sit, down, spin, twirl, speak, through, middle and much more. 


Chester lives with young children of 1 and 3yrs old and he is very good with them.


Chester is fully crate and muzzle trained and has spent months being desensitised to loud noises and visits to the vets and groomers. 


Chester suffers with severe anxiety which he takes medication for, however he still shows extreme signs of separation anxiety when left alone. 


Chester is very high energy and loves hikes and long walks as well as lots of mental stimulation, his favourite is to chew on a raw fresh marrow bones. 


Chester is such a cuddly, loving dog and would prefer a quiet home where he can sit in the window watching the world go by. 

Chester is in the COVENTRY area.

Ad updated: 14.03.23

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