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All About Danny: Danny is a male XL Bully  of 2.5yrs.

Danny was rehomed earlier this year but it did not workout: despite Danny having lived with young children in his original home, he is now looking for a new home without young children or visiting grandchildren due to a bite incident.

Danny will need an experienced and confident family who are happy to commit to his ongoing training and socialisation.  Danny can be a nervous dog and despite his family having visitors in his original home, it was reported that he was highly reactive to visitors, and so he was muzzled for precaution.

Danny is crate trained but it takes him a while to settle at night and he barks/whines. Danny suffers from Separation Anxiety and so he s looking for new family where he is not left for long periods.

Despite Danny having lived with other dogs (photos shown) his last home reported him as now being reactive to dogs on walks and so potentially he will need to be the only dog in his new home.  

UPDATE: Danny has now been in kennels​ for some months and they have not seen any aggression or bad behaviour, although we appreciate the home environment is greatly different but the kennel staff are of course confident and experienced with dogs which is what Danny will need in his new home.


Comment from the kennels staff:

"I took the lead and he was really good, pulled once and when told he stopped pulling. Was happy to say hello to the dog next to him until she barked at him, then he barked back. He is a real beauty".

"He was different as soon as I took the lead. We walked him across on a slip lead and he walked really nicely."

He is a beautiful boy, so responsive. He is very treat keen so is very easy for recall and very well behaved. Probably the best behaved boy we have in".

Danny is a lovely boy and deserves a chance in the right home.

Danny is in the MOYSES BANK, Wisbech area.

Ad updated: 02.10.23.

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