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All About Deano: Deano is a male Crossbreed of 5yrs.

Deano is a super dog who is very dog friendly and currently ives happily with another dog.   Deano is also child friendly but not good with cats or livestock.


Deano is very food orientated and he is also quite partial to cuddles and belly rubs and could easily lick you to death. Deano is a big teddy bear who loves to cuddle next to you or will sleep in his bed when not allowed on the sofa.

Deano can be strong on the lead so he is halti trained but he improves as the walk goes on. Deano's recall is reasonable but he is easily distracted by wanting to play with other dogs or raid a bin.


Deano has no separation anxiety and travels well.

Deano is the OLDHAM area.

Ad updated: 30.10.21.

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