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All About Fifi: Fifi is a female Bulldog cross French Bulldog of 5yrs.


Fifi is a very loving dog with the funniest character and makes her family laugh on a daily basis.  Fifi has the typical frenchie/bulldog attitude and can be very stubborn at times.  Fifi takes time to warm to new people, and can be reactive, usually only in her home or car, she is very protective of her environment and loved ones.   However, when Fifi is out and about she is happy for strangers to stroke her.  Once Fifi realises she can trust you, she is very affectionate and will try to smother you for kisses and cuddles.


Fifi can pull on the lead for the first couple of minutes and getting her lead on can be a nightmare she trembles with excitement and jumps all over the place but she is improving, as she has learnt that there will be no walks until she is calm.  Fifi walks to heel and will usually sit without a prompt when her human stops walking.


Fifi is looking for a new home without young children due to her reactivity around the home.

Fifi loves cuddling on the sofa and is generally a low maintenance dog, short 20 min walks are ideal for her, however her recall is terrible so she is generally walked on lead.


True to the breed, Fifi is quite a stubborn but very intelligent girl with a massive attitude and will bark at the back door whenever she needs to go out but sometimes just because she wants a nosey or get you at it!

Fifi is good with most other dogs, she loves to play but she is a typical Frenchie and can be very dominant and a bit of a bully with smaller dogs and so she could live with another medium to large size dog with the right introductions.   Fifi has always lived with other dogs and is great with other dogs on walks.

Fifi can be left for without any issues or separation anxiety, she is also happy to sleep in a crate or anywhere so long as it has a nice comfy bed.


Fifi really is the sweetest most loving dog but is very protective over her home and wary of strangers and so is looking for a new home where her family are experienced and understanding of the breed.


Fifi is in OLDHAM, Manchester area

Ad updated: 25.05.23

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