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All About Freya: Freya is a Female Cocker cross Patterdale of 18months.

Freja is a lovely, sweet and loving dog who enjoys cuddles on the sofa as much as playing in the park. Freya plays fetch, and even throws the ball around on her own. Freya is very smart and knows when to ask to play by fetching a toy and dropping it in front of you, she also asks to eat, or go outside by barking at her bowl or the door.  


Freya is a cheeky madam who likes to steal socks but she will drop on command and she is very quick to pick up on commands, so will be easy to train further. Freya loves to run and play fetch at the park, and meet other dogs, however she is a little nervous with big dogs and needs a little encouragement when she meets them.


Freya is very friendly with all the people that she meets and just loves the attention.

Freya came to the Rescue as she was not getting along with the other resident dog, so potentially she needs to be the only dog in her new home.

As Freya is a nervous dog, she is looking for a new home where the children are of older teenage years.

Freya is in the CARDIFF area.

Ad updated: 22.04.21, d.o.b. 18.11.2019.

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