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All About Jax: Jax is a male Labrador of 2.5yrs.


Jax is a lovely boy who loves people and will happily play with other dogs but he much prefers his tennis ball.  Jax has never lived with another dog but meets them well when he is out and about and has lots of doggy friends and we feel he would benefit from a home with another dog (*see below)

​Jax is happy to be left at home and has never shown any separation anxiety or destructive behaviour.

Jax resource guards his food and does have a bite history and, as a result, is looking for a home without children.  However, as a typical Lab, Jax is an opportunist when it comes to food and will take food from the kitchen counter if he can.  Jax does not resource guard treats, toys or any other item other than his food and food bowl.


Jax is lively, intelligent, affectionate and loves to play, particularly with his ball and he could play fetch all day long!  Jax loves people and is a very socialable dog.

Jax would chase cats and rabbits so cannot be rehomed into a home with small furries.

*UPDATE 20.03.23: Due to Jax's recent unsuccessful rehoming to a family with another dog, we will not be considering applications from another family that have an existing dog.  Sadly this is a result of advice and full regard to Jax's resource guarding not being followed or considered and properly managed: the two dogs were fed in the same room after just an hour of Jax joining the family, which led to an attack by Jax. Any further applications from families with another dog will not be considered.

Jax is in the KILNHURST, South Yorks area.​

Ad updated: 20.03.23, d.o.b. 16.08.2020

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