All About Jax: Jax is a male Labrador of 2yrs.


Jax is a lovely boy who loves people and will happily play with other dogs but he much prefers his tennis ball.  Jax has never lived with another dog but meets them well when he is out and about and does not react when on the lead.

​Jax is happy to be left at home and has never shown any separation anxiety or destructive behaviour.

Jax resource guards his food and does have a bite history (no puncture to the skin) and, as a result, is looking for a home without children.  Jax currently eats his meals in his crate which mitigates the risk at meal times.  However, as a typical Lab, Jax is an opportunist when it comes to food and will take food from the kitchen counter if he can.  Jax does not resource guard treats, toys or any other item other than his food and food bowl.


Jax is lively, intelligent, affectionate and loves to play, particularly with his ball and he could play fetch all day long!  Jax loves people and is a very socialable dog.

Jax is fine with livestock but would chase cats and rabbits so cannot be rehomed into a home with small furries.

Jax is in the BICESTER, Oxfordshire area.​

Ad updated: 05.06.22