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All About Kiki: Kiki is a male Saluki cross Greyhound of 2yrs.


Kiki is a sweet natured, affectionate, but very lively, dog and is still very much a baby, who loves to play, but can get overexcited and a bit rough. Kiki is very vocal, loves human company, and is willing to please and learn.

Kiki loves the car and to travel and is reasonably good with other dogs, but can be a bit overpowering.

Kiki is frightened of small spaces and panics if left in a kennel or crate.  


Kiki is very good and well behaved in the house and has previously been living with children.

Kiki does need space to expend his energy, although he likes to play in short bursts, rather than long extended periods of exercise.


Kiki is a happy soul, full of fun, but needs further training and cannot to be left on his own for long periods of time.

Kiki is in the MONTGOMERY, Wales area.

Ad updated: 29.03.21.

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