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All About Lola: Lola is a female Labrador cross of 6yrs.

Lola is a happy, bouncy and has always been very energetic and  loves nothing more than chasing her ball, strokes and, of course, treats.

Although a happy girl, she is quite a bossy dog at times and so is looking for a new home without children or other dogs and cats, as sadly Lola has a tendency to food guard and has a bite history as a result.

Lola can be a little nervous around strangers and is very protective of her home with people she does not know.  Lola can be uncomfortable with men and likes to take her time to get to know them.

Lola can be reactive to other dogs on her walks and can lunge and bark at them, so will need a home where this can potentially be worked on.

Lola is very affectionate and  loves her cuddles but also is quite happy to chill out in her own space. 

Lola is in the Nottingham [scarborough] area.


Ad updated: 06.12.21.

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