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All About Louie: Louie is a Male Beagle of 15months.


Louie is a very loving, owner-focused dog, but due to a number of bite incidences he is looking for a home without children.  Louie has resource guarding issues, and so will need a new family to work with him on this. 


Louie loves other dogs, always going up to them on walks and wanting to play.


Louie can be nervous of meeting new people and 95% of the time he is very happy with people on walks, going up and sniffing them but rarely (perhaps if he is feeling anxious) he will howl and bark at a person walking past (or if they are behind a gate), but this is improving.


Upon vets and trainers' advice, Louie is not yet neutered as this could worsen his anxiety and nervousness

Louie is in the BURNAGE, Manchester area.

Ad updated: 13.11.22.

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