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Introducing Munchkin: Munchkin is a Westie of 6years.  


Munchkin has a wonderful temperament, and currently lives with two other dogs, but they are a little rough in their play for Munchkin's liking, so calmer other dogs would be fine.


Munchkin has also previously lived with a cat and was known to share a bed with him, so strong natured and not skittish cats would be fine.

Although Munchkin currently lives in a home with no children, three children regularly visit of the ages of 6years plus, and unfortunately these children cause Munchkin too much distress for her to rehomed with children or visiting children.


Munchkin walks well on lead and has very good recall, so all-in-all the perfect little lady.

Munchkin is in the Yeovil Somerset area.

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