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Introducing Nala: Nala is a female Akita Cross of 13months.  Nala is well behaved around children, currently living with a 3 and 2 year old.  


Nala is good with other dogs, she is currently living with two, and is generally a very friendly girl, although she does have some ‘jumpy’ moments and can be very cautious, around younger unknown adult men.   


Nala is not being properly exercised at the moment, and so has a tendancy to pull too hard on the lead, so Nala will need training in this respect.


Nala can be destructive when left on her own, however Nala is crate trained and so this prevents this reocurring.  Nala can be food greedy if other dogs are fed in her presence but, again, crating whilst other resident dogs are fed prevents any problems.


Nala is clearly a lovely girl, and looking for an active experienced owner, who is willing to put in some time with her continued training.

Nala is in the Hull area.

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