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All about Norris: Norris is a male Shih Tzu of 11years.

Being an older gentleman, Norris can be quite stubborn and set in his ways. The majority of the time he is a lovely little man who wants cuddles and affection.  Norris has his playful moments and still has plenty of go!.  Norris loves going on his walks and walks well on a lead.

Norris also loves going for days out and exploring.


Norris travels well in cars, a little apprehensive at first but once he is in, he is completely fine.


Norris does not like to be left at home on his own and finds it difficult and stressful and will bark, whine and howl a lot. Also if he wants your attention, he isn’t afraid to let you know and is quite a vocal dog so will whine and howl at you when he wants a fuss.


Norris can be a picky eater but he loves his dog treats, especially his mini pedigree markies and would probably eat the whole bag if you let him.  Norris does however like to be left alone while eating, playing with dog toys, Chewing on his bones and sleeping as he does have a possessive personality when it comes to these things.  Because of this resource guarding, Norris would be better suited to an adult home only.  As a result, Norris has a bite history.

Norris is okay with other dogs out on walks and his tail is always wagging and he seems to want to meet them and say hello,  but he is not completely comfortable with strange dogs in his house.


Norris' needs are simple, he just needs the right family who understands his needs and can give him affection but also his own space when he wants it.

Norris is in the LINCOLN area. 

Ad updated: 02.10.21

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