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All About Peanut: Peanut is a male Dachshund of 18months.

Peanut has a lively character and gets excited easily but once he settles he enjoys a cuddle and likes a good nap.

Peanut loves a long walk in country and is obsessed with playing with balls. Although he barks a lot at things he has a good temperament and enjoys the company of both people and generally other dogs, with the exception for meeting dogs on walks, especially larger ones as he was jumped on once by a dog whilst out walking and, although not hurt, he has some fear of meeting dogs.  Peanut's initial reaction is to bark at dogs he does not know but if he gets familiar with other dogs he can walk and play with them.  Peanut seems to be fine with dogs inside his home or anyone else's home, and his initial reaction would be to want to play.


Peanut walks well on lead most of the time, but not good off lead as he has no recall.


Peanut has never lived with a cat and does like to chase them.


Peanut is good with young children.


Peanut suffers with separation anxiety and finds it hard to settle and so will be looking for a new home where he is not left for long periods and where this can be worked on with him.  Peanut will bark and urinate when left.


Peanut travels well in a car.

Peanut is in HANSLOP, Newport Pagnell area.

Ad updated: 22.03.22.

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