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All About Penny: Penny is a female Boxer cross Mastiff of 5yrs.


Penny is a lovely dog and enjoys the great indoors, she loves visitors to her home and loves nothing more than a good tickle and fuss, the more humans the better for Penny.


Penny is very friendly, she loves playing tug of war and fetch but is very strong so do not expect to win!! Penny loves to play but is equally happy to sit and chill and have a cuddle but she still thinks she is a lapdog.

Penny has not been round small children so she is looking for a new home where any children are of 12yrs plus.

Penny can be left without issue and is not destructive.

Penny is very loyal and is looking for a new home where she gets all the love and attention she deserves. 


Due to a dog on dog incident and Penny protecting her owner whilst on a walk, she will need to be kept on a lead at all times and muzzled when in public.  Penny likes dogs her own size but, as a result of the incident, has taken a dislike to small dogs.

Penny is in the HAVANT, Hants area.

Ad updated: 12.04.22.

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