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All About Ralph: Ralph is a male Yorkshire terrier of 7.5yrs.

Ralph is looking for a new home where his family are around during the day and where he is the only dog.

Ralph is a very energetic lad who loves to go for long walks although his favourite pastime is sitting on a human's knee getting lots of love and cuddles.

Ralph is currently living with two other dogs but he likes a lot more time and attention to himself but he is good with other dogs.


Ralph has been good with babies and children generally.


On dog walks, Ralph approaches other dogs confidently and loves to instigate play.


Ralph has not been around Cats but he likes to chase rabbits and other small mammals on dog walks so it will be better if there are no other small pets in his new home.


Ralph has good recall and he is a clean lad and very well house trained.  


Ralph used to be a fussy eater but since living with other dogs he will eat anything and everything.


Ralph has been used to sleeping on his humans' bed and does have some separation anxiety if he is left alone. For this reason, Ralph will be best suited to a family who is home during the day and not working.


Ralph is a very affectionate and loyal little dog who for no fault of his own has had a sad year this last year, his owner having passed away and he would give 100% back to the right family.

Ralph is the SEDGEFIELD, Stockton -on- Tees, area.

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