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All About Reggie: Reggie is a male Patterdale Terrier of 3yrs


Reggie has lived with children of 6yrs plus and is great with them. 


Reggie can be moody and temperamental and if he does not want to do something or does not want his humans to do something, he will tell you about it!


Reggie can also be a jealous dog and is loyal to those that he likes and protective of people he knows and of his home. Ideally, we feel that a home with a single adopter would be suited for Reggie so that a bond can be formed easily.


Reggie loves going on walks but he does need a little work as he can pull.  Reggie cannot be let off lead as he does not like to come back.


Reggie absolutely adores taking a shower and playing with water.


Reggie is a typical Terrier and plenty of determination, he dislikes squirrels and anything else that is little and furry and that moves.


Reggie is fine to be left on his own and loves sitting on the back of the sofa keeping watch on everything going on outside.

Reggie is a fun and playful boy who loves balls, tuggers and squeaky toys.

Reggie is in the CHESHIRE area.

Ad updated: 27.04.22

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