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All About Skye: Skye is a female crossbreed (potentially, Doberman/American Bulldog) of 2yrs.

Skye has can snap as a warning (although she has never bitten) when she finds her environment too overwhelming and so is looking for a new home with no young children.  Skye hates to be confined in spaces and can open doors so door handles need to upside down.

Skye is looking for a family that are experienced and can help her with guarding issues and help to build her confidence.

Skye is good on a lead and has good recall.

Skye is OK to be left with hardly any issues but now and again she will destroy post and, if any food is left out, she will counter surf when left alone.

Despite Skye's issues, she is a very loving dog and enjoys playing with balls and playing catch and of course insists on lots of cuddles, treats and Watching Dogs Behaving badly!

Skye is the WREXHAM area.

Ad updated: 15.09.21.

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