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All About Tia: Tia is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier of approx. 3yrs.


Tia is a super sweet dog with a huge heart who is the biggest lap dog and loves cuddles. 

Tia is amazing with children, so soft and gentle from babies to teenagers.

Tia gets super excited when someone new visits but soon settles down.

Tia absolutely loves her walks, the muddier the better and loves to play in water or chase a ball or stick. 

Tia can be boisterous with other dogs but have never been aggressive, just a bit excitable.

Tia does not like to be left for long periods, she is not focal but needs to left in a place when there are no soft furnishings otherwise she likes to destroy them.

Tia loves all toys but her family have not found one she does not destroy.

Tia is a lovely friendly, calm girl who is child, dog, cat, rabbit, and bearded dragon friendly!.

Tia is good on and off lead, house trained and travels well.

Tia is in BRANDON, Suffolk area.

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