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All About Zeus: Zeus  is a male German Shepherd of 3yrs.

Zeus had previously not been socialised with other dogs and so did not know how to behave around them but he has made great improvements with his foster carer and is doing very well but he will still need ongoing training and work in this respect.


Zeus has lived with young children and was said to be great with them however he does have some food aggression over his meals so will need a new family where any children are of teenage years. Zeus does take treats very gently.


Zeus did live with a cat, a large breed (Maine Coon) who he loved and spent a lot of time playing with. However, any introductions to a new cat would need to be carefully managed as he has taken a dislike to some cats whilst on his walks.


Zeus likes to be with his people and will follow you around but he is also content to be left alone in the house without causing any damage, unless you have window blinds, he thinks they need to go!.


Zeus likes his crate and will use it as his space, going in there to sleep and relax.


Zeus will give you a lovely greeting when you return home and also likes to come up on the sofa for a cuddle in his own time.


Zeus walks well on a loose lead and responds to basic commands and he loves to play with a ball and will bring it back for you to throw for him.


Zeus loves to be groomed and will make a fabulous companion for the right person

Zeus is in the EARBY, Barnoldswick area.

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