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All About Alfie: Alfie is a male Akita of 6.5yrs.

Alfie is very typical of the breed, in that he can be wary of strangers but is very loyal and devoted to those he knows and trusts.

Alfie will need a new home with no young children or other pets.

Alfie craves human attention, likes to give you a paw for comfort and shows concern if you are ill or upset.


Alfie likes to have full access to the house and is used to sleeping in the same bedroom as his humans.  Alfie has his own chair in the living room or will cuddle up with you on the sofa but likes to take himself off to his bed in the kitchen.


Alfie does not display food or toy guarding , sometimes he grazes on his food but loves carrots , apples, dog treats and will take these off you gently.  Alfie will sit on demand and sit and wait in his bed also.

Alfie has Idiopathic epilepsy which he has started treatment for a month ago, he takes his tablets with cheese triangles.


Alfie does pull on the lead so needs further training in this respect and he can be dog reactive so will need further socialisation.

Alfie has separation anxiety and he will howl, bark and pace, so he will need a home where he is not left.


Alfie travels well in the car.

Alfie is the Bolton area.

Ad updated: 02.10.21.

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