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Chunky & Cookie

All About Chunky & Cookie: Chunky & Cookie are male and female (Brother & Sister) Pocket Bullies of 2yrs.


CHUNKY: Chunky is a big, cuddly, softy, standing at 17.5 inches. Chunky is a shy character but also cheeky and quite chilled at times once he gets to know his humans, he just loves a cuddle. Chunky loves a walk, but he also likes to take himself for a walk with his lead in his mouth.  Chunky has not had much interaction with other dogs outside his home; he is a little weary of other dogs and just stares at them.  Chunky has not been around young children and so he is looking for a new home where any children are of older teenage years.  Chunky has never seen a cat, however, he has seen plenty of rabbits and loves to give chase around the garden until they manage to run for cover. Chunky needs someone who has time for him to walk him every day and interact so he can enjoy his life to the fullest.


COOKIE: Cookie is a delicate female pocket bully standing at 16 inches and is adorable.  Cookie is also a very chilled dog, she loves attention, kisses and cuddles and just likes sitting with you for company where ever you may be, - your very own shadow.  Cookie interacts with the two other resident dogs (apart from Chunky) but she is not interested in them.   Cookie loves a walk, she just walks beside you and has not had much interaction with other dogs outside her home.  Cookie loves a ball game.  Cookie has only been present with one child around the age of four years and loves the cuddles.  Cookie has never seen a cat, so is looking for a new home where there are none.


Chunky and Cookie love each other dearly, so it would be wonderful if they could find their new home together.


Chunky and Cookie currently live with other two other dogs, and Chunky shows no interest in them apart from sitting and watching what they are up to, Cookie is not bothered by them. Apart from going to boarding kennels, Chunky has not been socialised however he would be easily trained as he does listen and is attentive.

Chunky & Cookie are in the LITTLE LEIGHS, Colchester area.

Ad updated: 14.05.24

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