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All About Bailey: Bailey is a female German Shepherd of 3yrs.

Bailey can be anxious when visitors call to her home, so she will need an experienced new family, and one that is committed to helping her build her confidence as she can be an anxious girl.

Bailey has also not been well socialised with other dogs and does not currently like them and so, again, she will need help with her social skills to become comfortable when meeting other dogs.  We feel that Bailey would need to be an only dog for this reason and so that her new family can concentrate on her needs.

Bailey travels well and loves going out in the car.

Bailey is a wonderful dog she just needs a family who can invest the time in giving her good basic training coupled with the right amount of physical exercise matched with lots of good positive mental enrichment and, with such a family, Bailey will flourish with confidence.

Bailey is in the CHINGFORD, London area.

Ad updated: 20.08.21.

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