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All About Bella: Bella is a female Cockapoo of 8months.


Bella is a gorgeous girl and can be nervous of new people but is becoming more and more confident as she matures and has lately come out of her shell.  Due to Bella's nervous nature, she is looking for a new home where there are no young children.


Bella can be initially unsure of some men but is fine with other dogs.


Bella loves a cuddle and has to be snuggled in to you. Bella sleeps in a crate and can have little accidents, so further help with her housetraining needed.


True to the breed, Bella has lots of energy and loves off lead walks.


Bella is the most loving dog you could ever meet and her tail is always wagging.

Bella is in the DRINGHOUSES, York area.

Ad updated: 28.05.22

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