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Introducing Ben: Ben is an American Bulldog x, of 5years. Ben was handed-in as a stray and was in the kennels for a few months.  Ben is a nice lad, initially scared of men, but once he gets to know you he is fine.


Since being in foster care, Ben has learnt what toys and treats are all about, and that the big wide world isn’t too bad. With gentle exposure Ben is becoming less timid generally, he is being introduced to traffic, people and other dogs on his walks, although of course he is still wary, and will need further training.


Ben suffers from some separation anxiety, which is being worked on and he is improving daily. Ben is being crate trained and he is also going through some gentle obedience training.


Ben will need a new home with a someone with confidence and experience that can continue with building his confidence, and redirect his anxieties with some tasty treats, and where there is older teenagers only, due to Ben's bouncy nature.  Ben would benefit from a calm environment where he can start to learn how to become part of of a family and experience routine and structure to his daily life.


Ben is in the Bishop Auckland  area.



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