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All about Billy: Billy is a male crossbreed of 4yrs.


Sadly Billy was abandoned and alone on the street fending for himself for a long time and so can nervous and scared of loud noises: like the hoover, banging, shouting etc also when he is nervous he will do anxious wee.  Otherwise Billy is clean in the home and will let you know he needs a toilet break by going to back door.  Billy can also growl at you when frightened.


Billy is used to dogs and cats but now and again he will growl and snap at other dogs, so further training needed in this respect.

Due to Billy's nervous nature, he is looking for a new home without young children.


Billy is a very friendly dog who loves a fuss and likes to give appreciative licks, he also loves his tummy tickled and having a nap on an available lap.

Billy enjoys his food and treats and sleeps happily in his crate at night.

Billy is in the WATTON, Norfolk area.

Ad updated: 17.05.22.

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