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All About Boo: Boo is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier of 3yrs.

Boo has been with her foster mum for some weeks now, and her training has come along very well.  

Boo has a history of mis-treatment but has learnt so much and now just loves to play and loves to learn new things, she thrives off it and loves to "work".  Boo has a pretty good recall, she knows Sit, Stay, Down (lay down), Off, Paw, Gently and Drop.  

​Boo's typical day is early 30 min walk, snooze for a bit, breakfast, then off to the office with her carer where she sleeps for several hours, lunch time walk, sleep for a few more hours, go home with carer, have dinner, cuddles on the sofa after the kids are in bed, then a late walk around the block and off to sleep for the night lol!!  Boo is very relaxed at home and spends most of her day asleep, she loves to be in her crate (with the door open) but will come up on the sofa for cuddles once the kids are asleep.

Boo is very, very friendly and loves to be fussed by people, strangers on the street or people in her home.  Boo is also quite vocal but this is mainly anxiety-based, this appears to be her learned way of communicating (whether she wants to play, wants a fuss, or meets another dog).  The foster carer is working on training Boo not to speak unless told, and this is going quite well - although she does still bark when she meets another dog.  This seems to be because she is unsure how to say hello - some regular walking with a calm confident dog will work wonders in teaching her how to communicate in doggy language, as she really wants to play but her barking can put other dogs off!

Boo walks well on the lead and will only pull when she sees a cat or another dog (especially if they run - if they stay still she will ignore them).  With some consistent training, even that can be overcome as she can walk past other dogs on the other side of the road with a minimum of fuss now.  If she is in a good routine, her anxiety will go down and she can be easily trained to overcome any undesirable behaviours.  

Boo is very good with children and people but cannot be rehomed with small animals as she is desperate to chase everything and anything!  

Boo is the most loving, kind hearted dog and she always has time for snuggles and play, she loves long walks, especially in the woods and loves nothing more than taking a bath.

Boo will need to be adopted on a neutering contract, which will be organised and paid for by OnThe Way Home.

Boo is in the RAINHAM, Kent area.

Ad updated: 08.09.21

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