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Bruno & Bambi

All About Bruno & Bambi: Bruno & Bambi are two male a female Chihuahuas of 3 & 4yrs respectfully.

Bruno: (light brown in colour). Bruno is a lively dog full of character and loves walks and play time.  Bruno is gentle and loves people. 

Bambi: (black in colour with white patches). Bambi is a calm quiet dog and likes her space and time to herself. Bambi loves cuddles and would best suit a quieter home with no other dogs or small children. 


Both Bruno & Bambi are friendly, however Bruno does tend to bark at other dogs on a walk and still has accidents in the house.  Bambi is fully house trained and shys away from other dogs and is not the barky type, and leaves all that to Bruno!!.

Bruno & Bambi are looking for their new home together. 

Bruno & Bambi are in the BUSHEY HEATH, Herts area.

Ad updated: 11.01.22.

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