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All About Buddy: Buddy is a male, Cockapoo of 8yrs


Buddy is a typical Cockapoo and  loves to be outdoors, it’s his ultimate favourite thing, being out and about where he can explore and meet other dogs and other friendly faces, Buddy is therefore looking for a new home where his new family are very active.


At the same time, Buddy is also extremely laid back when at home, he loves attention, but also likes his own space, so he is looking for an adult only home with maybe older mature  children.


Buddy is very loving and love’s affection and even though he hasn’t got separation issues and can be left home alone, he has never been left for long periods so he is looking for a new home where this can be continued.


Buddy is not really into toys but he enjoys chasing a ball.


Buddy just loves his bed (his safe place) and he loves his treats so ideal for further training.


Buddy does have allergies and is currently on steroids, but we believe a strict fish based diet would improve on his reliance of drugs.


Buddy has never lived with other dogs but is a very friendly boy on walks, just wanting to say hello with lots of tail wagging and he has been brilliant with other dogs when they come to visit him at home, he is friendly and doesn’t have an issue in his territory. 


Buddy is in the WILLENHALL, Wolverhampton area.

Ad updated: 09.07.24.

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