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All About Charlie: Charlie is a male Cockapoo/Labradoodle cross of 5yrs.


Charlie is a loyal and faithful dog and has been an absolute joy in his family's life, however his behaviour has changed since the arrival of their child.  Charlie has became jealous and displaying new challenging behaviours.  Charlie is looking for a new home where there are no young children so that his new family have the time to commit to him.


Charlie has guarding issues over his toys and food so will need his new family to work with him on this.


Charlie loves dogs that are smaller than him anything bigger he becomes a little upset and unsure, so further socialisation and confidence building needed in this respect.  Charlie dislikes cats, rabbits and birds. 


Charlie can be a dominant dog and so will need a new family where the pack order is established and maintained and where he is treated as a dog, as he likes to test boundaries.


Charlie is a lovely boy and just needs the right family that can help him with his insecurities.

Charlie is in the BOOTLE, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 18.09.22

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