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All About Floyd: Floyd is a male Border Collie of 10yrs.

Floyd has no history of being around young children and so is looking for a home where any children are of teenage years.

Floyd is fine with other dogs but tends to bark at cats.


Floyd has taken a keen dislike of the vets (and who can blame him!) so will need to be muzzled when he needs to pop along.


Floyd loves people and he is a very affectionate boy.


Floyd walks well on the lead but likes to be in front, not pulling exactly but very keen.  Floyd is good off lead and has good recall.


Floyd loves car rides and travels well.


True to the Collie breed, Floyd has lots of energy and loves his long walks and so is looking for a new home where his needs can be met.


Floyd is fine to be left alone for a few hours and is house trained. 

Floyd is in the COLNE, Lancashire area.

Ad updated: 20.09.21.

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