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All About Frankie: Frankie is a male French BullDog of 2years.


Frankie can be nervous of strangers but once he is familiar with new people he is absolutely lovely, playful and full of joy! Frankie will need a new home that can help him with his training and socialising.

Due to Frankie's nervous nature, he is looking for a new home without young children.

Frankie is extremely affectionate and loves to sleep close to his humans and if there is an available lap, all the better!  Frankie loves to cuddle and play and really enjoys ball games, walking, tug of war with his  toys!


Frankie is also nervous of strange dogs and so he will need help with his socialisation skills but once he has spent a little time with other dogs he makes friends nicely and can be very playful and enjoys having a run around with them.


Frankie is good on the lead and loves his walks but is also okay with being left alone without destruction of anxiety.

Frankie is in the BRIGHTON, East Sussex area.

Ad updated: 16.06.22

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