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Kali & honey

All About Kali & Honey: Kali (black) & Honey (Lilac) are Bear Coat Shar Peis sisters of nearly 2yrs.


Kali & Honey are dog friendly but a bit over the top so further socialisation needed in this respect but they are just playful and want to interact in a friendly way.


Both Kali & Honey have great temperaments but Kali is a little nervous upon first meeting, so takes a little time to get to know new people. 


Kali & Honey are good around children and other dogs (when known to them) otherwise they can be overly excited.


Kali & Honey can pull on lead when there is another dog nearby as they just want to say hello. 


Kali & Honey both have allergies so are  fed a fish based diet.


Kali & Honey are looking for their home either together or separately.


Kali & Honey are in the POLEGATE, East Sussex area.

Ad updated: 03.07.24.

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