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All About Karmel: Karmel is a female Whippet Cross of 7yrs.

Karmel has a beautiful temperament toward people, especially children.  Karmel is very affection and loves cuddles and will happily sleep by your side all day and night if she could, she is a princess, she is tucked up every night and will stay there all night.


Karmel is fully house trained and is always happy to see you walk through the door.


Being a Whippet, Karmel loves her walks and a having good run-about.  Karmel will chase a ball no problem but you will need to chase her to return it!

Unfortunately after being attacked by a dog in the past,  Karmel is not friendly with other dogs.


Karmel is a lovely girl and will be the perfect dog for the right family who is willing to work with her.

Karmel is in the PENTRE BROUGHTON, Wrexham area.

Ad updated: 24.05.21.

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