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All about Lilah: Lilah is a female French Bulldog of 3yrs.

Lilah is a lovely girl but does have some behavioural issues and will need an experienced and dedicated family to help her overcome her anxieties.

Lilah's anxieties have developed over the years, which started due to fireworks, she hates loud bangs and flashes and is wary in the dark. 

Due to Lilah anxieties, she is looking for a new home with no children of any age, as she needs the time and commitment and not be exposed to any triggers that children can present.

Lilah is sensitive and can be very full on, she has a lot of energy and any new family will need to be active to keep up with her.

Lilah displays dominance behaviour with her current owner, so will need a confident new family.

Lilah has Intervertebral Disc Disease, which first emerged in Oct 21 and was unable to use her back legs for a couple of weeks but recovered amazingly well but then had a mild flare up at the end of Nov/Dec.   When Lilah experiences a flare-up, she needs strict rest until recovery, generally for a few weeks.  Lilah enjoys going out in her pram when a flare up occurs but normally she is brilliant off lead.

Lilah loves meeting other dogs in the park and enjoys a play.

Lilah is a shy/timid dog until she gets to know you.

Despite Lilah's issues, she is loving and a fun girl and incredibly affectionate. Lilah is described as the best dog when not anxious and just needs the right home to help her develop.

Lilah is in the TOXTETH, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 31.03.23.

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