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All About Lola: Lola is a female Spanish Water Dog of 11yrs.


Lola has lots of energy and is a very active dog but is also happy with two 20min walks a day and lots of cuddles. 

Lola is obedient and is a very calm dog and amazing with commands. 

Lola gets along with children, other dogs and cats but she does like all the attention to herself so may be a new home with no other dogs would be best.  Due to her age Lola is looking for a quieter home so any children need to be of older teenage years.


Despite having lived outside for many years in a previous home, Lola is fully house trained and loves the comforts of her bed, blanket and crate.   Lola can howl at night but maybe once every two weeks and only when she's in a deep sleep.   Lola's howl is thankfully not loud enough to wake neighbours.


Lola is amazing on the lead and also great off it, will walk at your heel. She loves going to the groomers and is great in the car. 

Lola is a very loving and affectionate dog and loves nothing more than a cuddle.


Lola is in MIDDLESBROUGH, Yorkshire area

Ad updated: 06.02.24, d.o.b. 11.11.12

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