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All About Mae:  Mae is a female Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross of 3yrs.


Sadly Mae has experienced some neglect in her first year of her life but, despite this, she is a wonderful dog and strives to do her best whenever she possibly can. Mae is a clever little dog who will do anything for a treat and knows lots of tricks and happily shows them off when offered a snack or two!


Mae is house trained, crate trained, and has started on muzzle training too.


Mae travels well in a car and settles nicely when left alone for a few hours/overnight.


Mae is just as happy curled up in bed all day as she is on a long hike or doing some agility, but she’s her happiest when cuddled up as close as she can possibly get to her human. Mae's favourite games are playing tug with her shark and anything that gets her brain and nose working.


Typical of bull breeds, she can be a very energetic girl at times and tends to be reactive to other dogs when she’s on the lead.  However, she is excellent at settling down in the home with use of her “bed” command, and she has attended some training sessions for her lead reactivity and shown a great deal of progress.


Mae's ideal new family would be happy to commit to continuing this training so she can be the happiest, calmest pup she can be.


Mae has lived with a child of 8yrs with no issues but she is looking for a new home where any children are of teenage years, as she has occasionally growled at people when she has been super tired or had enough fuss and wants to be left alone, so she needs to be around people who understand that dogs need their space also.


Mae is looking for a new home where she is the sole pet, although having lived with another, she can be a bit jealous and does not really like to share her human's attention with other dogs in the home for too long.

Mae is in RADCLIFFE, Manchester area.

Ad updated: 16.06.23, d.o.b: 24.05.2020

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