All About Max: Max is a male Lurcher cross of approx 12yrs.

Max has had an awful time thus far: tied to a kennel all his life and, due to being used for Badger baiting, he is greatly disfigured with half of his nose missing, also he has had a broken leg at some point and as as result the leg is all crooked and he walks with a limp.


Despite this, Max is a wonderful boy and the most gentle of dogs, he loves human company and he gets on with any dog, but definitely, no cats, as he has been trained to kill them.  

Max loves going out in the car and travels well.

Max is a very obedient boy, is good off the lead and good with children, he would be a wonderful loyal dog to any family willing to give this lovely boy a chance at happiness in his final years.

Max is in the PRESCOTT, Liverpool area.

Ad updated: 23.03.21