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All About Molly: Molly is a female Collie of 5years.

Molly is from a long line of working dogs and, true to the Collie breed, is high energy and incredibly intelligent. 

Molly is very willing to please and protects what she loves and can be a bit over the top sometimes. 


With the right guidance, Molly has so much potential, as she has great recall when off the lead when around fields however, walking roadside is almost impossible because of passing cars/bikes and she will try to chase and pull on the lead. 

Molly can be unpredictable around other dogs, if she has a ball to focus on and she will ignore everything else but if another dog comes near her while she has her ball she will go into attack mode.

Molly likes to chase cats but when they stop and face her she does not know what to do. 

Molly is extremely affectionate and loves cuddles but she also enjoys her own space.

Molly is very wary of strangers particularly men and tends to bark at them.

Molly will play nonstop if she has the choice, a flat football and tennis ball are her favourites and loves swimming. 


Molly is in the DEREHAM, Norfolk area.

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