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All About Olive: Olive is a female Jack Russell Terrier cross French Bulldog of 3yrs.


Olive is wonderful with children and currently lives with a 2 and 5yr old, although she has reacted to some of their toys and has nipped them in the process, so Olive is looking for a new home where any children are of older teenage years.

Olive does not like other dogs and will bark, snap and lunge at other dogs on her walks.  Olive is also highly reactive to cats and has redirected to her owner and nipped as a result.  Olive is looking for a new home where she is the sole dog and where her socialisation can be worked on.  

Apart from Olive's reactivity, she walks well on lead.


Olive can be left with no Separation Anxiety.


Olive also allows beauty treatments, such as cleaning her teeth and ears – and although she holds on tight, toys or bones can be taken from her when needed.

Olive travels well and is extremely loving and is an absolute sweetheart. Olive's overall nature is affectionate and gentle around both adults and children, she is often playful – no cuddly toy is off limits – but she loves nothing more than snuggling between her humans' legs on the footstool or finding a sunny spot to relax in.

Olive is the CHICHESTER, West Sussex area.

Ad updated: 06.06.23.

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