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Introducing Rakki:  Rakki is a male Saluki cross of 3years.

Rakki is very affectionate, loving, and cuddly with his family, but very over protective, and dislikes strangers and other dogs (he needs time to become accustomed to people and other dogs).  


Rakki needs a lot of attention and will need training, to improve his over-protective nature and timidness.  Rakki will need lots of exercise.

Again, Rakki currently lives with a cat, but will need time to be introduced properly with any any resident cat.


Rakki has lived with a toddler and very affectionate, but he is a little clumsy and doesn't realise that he is too big sometimes, and definitely needs to be supervised around children, because he will try to sit on their lap and lick them the whole time.

Rakki is strong on the lead and will need further training in this respect also.


Rakki is currently in the Leicester area.

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