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All About Reggie: Reggie is a male Beagle cross, of approx 4.5yrs.


Reggie is the most brilliant dog ever however, despite his incredibly cute exterior, he has some issues: firstly he is reactive with other dogs and these are often larger dogs, however over the last year or so he has become increasingly reactive to most dogs on walks.  As a result, Reggie is currently muzzled on all walks, as he will redirect and bite his owner if he goes above his threshold.   Reggie would never bite out of malice, and when he has bitten in the past it has only ever been because he has been over stressed about another dog.   Reggie will need a confident new family to help him with his confidence building and socialisation skills.

Reggie has a bite history and so is looking for a new home with no young children or visiting grandchildren and one that is experienced and understanding and able to work with him.

Reggie, despite his issues, is just the most fantastic dog and has a great nature and affection with humans: he has a very playful side, loves to people-watch and cuddle on the sofa.  

Reggie is capable of making doggy friends he just needs very slow and controlled introductions. Once comfortable, he actually loves to play and is very good around them (doesn’t pester, quite happy to take himself off for own space etc).


Reggie may be suited to a family where he is the sole dog, as he must be fed alone as he will fight any dog over food. Reggie will also always ‘want’ any toy or special treat that another dog has and will guard that against another dog (however not against  his humans).

Reggie Is a bit of an escape artist and needs a secured enclosed space as, if he finds a hole, he will do his best to dig under it.  Reggie is also prone to counter surfing/trying to get in the bin.


Reggie walks nicely on a slip lead but may occasionally need reminding to walk to heel if excited but cannot be let off lead currently due to his reactivity.


Reggie is crate trained and can be left for 3-4 hours, whilst he sleeps happily.


Reggie is a great traveller  and brilliant in the car, he just curls up and goes to sleep.


Reggie is a cheeky, loving chap who likes to spend a large portion of the day curled up, snoozing with you on the sofa and will often sneak up to his hoomans bedroom at night to try and sleep on the bed.  Reggie likes to play ball and tug.


On walks, Reggie wants nothing more than to do what any hound does, run around in the undergrowth, smelling the smells and hunting down prey he's just not quite quick enough to catch. He loves water...but only when his paws can touch the ground! 


Like every self-respecting beagle/hound, Reggie likes to dig and can be a bit of an escape artist and so his ideal "new world" would be where he has a big enough garden where he can run around to his heart’s content with no danger to himself or other dogs.  


Reggie really is one of a kind and will love unconditionally, he just needs someone that understands his needs and is able to provide the environment that he needs to thrive in. 


Reggie is the LEEDS, West Yorkshire area.

Ad updated: 07.04.23; d.o.b. 08.01.2019

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