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All About Rodney; Rodney is a male Labrador of 21months.

Rodney has resource guarding issues, initially as a puppy he was quite protective over food and would eat very quickly and growl if anyone came too close.  Now, although he will eat anything, he is good around food and he will wait for a command to eat and does not steal food. Rodney likes to guard his bed and blankets.  It is felt that Rodney is not getting enough daily exercise and stimulation and is bored,  hence his tendency to guard his things.


On the whole, Rodney is a very loving dog and loves having his tummy tickled.  Rodney  loves playing fetch with a ball (to the point of obsession).  Rodney has lots of energy and loves going for long walks and of course loves being in water.


Rodney is friendly with other dogs and is very sociable.


Rodney can pull on the lead so will need further training in this respect but with regular exercise this should improve.

Rodney is is in the ORPINGTON, Kent area.​

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