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All About Saskia: Saskia is a female full pedigree Presa Canario of 2yrs.


Saskia adores children and is great with them, she currently lives with four. 


Saskia is a really laid-back and chilled out dog, she is more than happy to snuggle by your feet and just lap up all the attention that she can get, she is very lovable!


Saskia enjoys her walks, although she can pull sometimes on the lead, and her recall needs more work.

Saskia currently lives with another dog and they are very close.  Saskia is fine with other dogs outside the home and is very well socialised, but cannot live with another female.


Saskia has allergies and an allergy test has been performed, so her allergies can now be easily managed.


Saskia is very playful and loves playing tug of war but not a fan of playing fetch unless she is in the mood. 


Saskia loves her crate and often takes herself off to it to chill out and be on her own. Saskia can be left without separation anxiety.


Saskia did live with a cat for a few weeks and was very inquisitive but with a few corrections as and when needed, she got on well with him.

Saskia is in the GRIMSBY, Lincolnshire area

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