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All About Scruffy: Scruffy is a male Bearded Collie of 5yrs.

Scruffy is Child, dog and cat friendly.


Scruffy is an active and intelligent dog that loves to be walked and played with. Scruffy is friendly with other dogs, but more interested in the fuss and friendships he can create with his humans.


Scruffy welcomes visitors to his home, who are invited to share Scrufty’s toys in the hope that they throw at least one, which he retrieves.  Scruffy's favourite toy is the tennis ball, but a close second is the frisbee, which he skilfully catches mid-air. Although not motivated by food, "hunt the cheese" in the garden is a great activity shared.


Scruffy walks well on lead after initial excitement and has good recall.  Scruffy is trained to obey the common commands (sit, lie, paw, no, bed, enough, fetch, etc.)


Scruffy is a good companion, loyal and interactive, loves trips in the car and travels well on public transport (bus, London tube and trains) and can be left at home with no separation anxiety.  Scruffy is also content to sit quietly in a pub or restaurant, (if only the patrons would stop making a fuss) and happy to sleep alone in the kitchen at night.


UPDATE 05.06.23: Scruffy was rehomed by us but it has not worked out and sadly he is now in kennels.  Scruffy had displayed some guarding nature in the new home, we believe he needs time to adjust and become familiar with his new humans and environment and any other family will need to be understanding and accepting of this.

Scruffy is in the MOYSES BANK, Wisbech area.

Ad updated: 05.06.23

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