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Introducing Shine: Shine is a med/large cross breed, possibly Bearded Collie, Water Dog, German Shepherd from Romanian of approx 4years,. 


Shine was rescued from the streets having been attacked by an axe and, after extensive surgery, was brought to the UK.

Life has not been to good so far for Shine, as he ended up in a hoarders house in a sorry state of neglect with eight other dogs, and Shine was  attacked several times.


Shine is now looking for a new home and one in which he can finally rest his paws, preferably either as an only dog or with savvy dogs that can be separated and given slow intros.


Shine is a lovely boy and both people and child friendly (having lived with a 10year old). Shine walks well on lead, and knows basic commands but is a fast learner.  Shine also travels well


Shine is in the Stoke -On- Trent area.


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