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All About Bentley: Bentley is Male Beagle cross Jack Russell Terrier of 2yrs.

Bentley has previously lived with children but he became possessive over toys and found young children difficult to be around.  Bentley therefore needs to be in a home where there are older children only.


Bentley is fun loving, high energy and downright adorable but, due to the very nature of his mix of breeds, he has a strong prey drive and will take off and give chase to little furries!   Bentley possesses and owns the art of zero recall.


Bentley can be reactive to other dogs so further socialisation needed in this respect. 


Bentley is intelligent, quick to learn and such a great little character and will require consistent training, with positive reinforcement to give him the confidence he needs.


Bentley is currently in kennels and so is looking for a new home that can provide him with the stability he craves and so deserves. 

Bentley is in the COLCHESTER, Essex area.

Ad updated: 10.09.22, 20.03.20

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