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All About Bertie: Bertie is a female Border Collie of nearly 2yrs.

Bertie can be an anxious dog so she is looking for the right environment to help her, namely a calm and rural one.  Bertie is ideally looking for a Collie experienced home and one that can give her plenty of stimulation and walks and one where there are no young children.


Bertie is extremely leash reactive: dogs; cars; runners and bikes are the worst for her. When off lead, it totally depends on how another dog approaches and whether the owners are willing to give her time with them but she is afraid of dogs, and displays this in aggression (although she has never attacked a dog  she sends warning snarls and a warning nip).


Having said this, she does have some dog friends where proper introductions have been made in a controlled setting and she is totally fine to stay round her doggy friends' homes and really enjoys playing with them.   However, Bertie is ideally looking for a new home where she is the sole dog so that her training and needs can be concentrated upon.

Bertie is incredibly loving and adores humans and children, and is really cuddly.

Inside the home, she welcomes visitors and strangers entering her space. However, very recently she's started resource guarding and so does not like any toys or objects that she sees as hers being taken away.


Except for Bertie's reactivity she is very well trained and she has good recall, she knows lots of tricks and is tuned in to learning tricks.  Bertie has never been bowl fed and her current family only feed her with training/ enrichment activities.

Bertie is in the EASTON, Somerset area.

Ad updated: 14.04.22, d.o.b. 07.05.20

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